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BMW Makes Solar Charging Look Good


One of the big problems of electric vehicles is that while you’re saving on emissions by avoiding the pump, you are still possibly creating a problem by plugging in and potentially getting your power from coal or oil. Leave it to the engineers at BMW to create an elegant, and...

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Carbon Hides A Solar Charger On Your Wrist

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There are plenty of solar gizmos out there, especially on Kickstarter. But Carbon is the most visually arresting of them, for a fairly simple reason; it’s not just a solar cell you can strap to your wrist; it’s also a quite nice analog watch. Solar Power For Your Phone Carbon...

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The Solar… Cooler?


Using solar power for heating is something we’ve done for thousands of years. The solar shower and solar oven are based on common ideas and principles we’ve been using as a species since time immemorial. On the other hand, we recently invented solar panels in our history, and they’ve been...


Aspect Solar Charges You Up No Matter Where You Are


As electronics become more and more important, there comes a problem with them: Keeping the things fully charged so you can keep using them. It’s a problem Aspect Solar is working on, and they’ve got two products out there to ensure you’re always juiced. The Sunsocket First, obviously, is the...


BigBelly Solar Powered Smart Waste & Recycling System

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[GR]yPmXccpMrvQ[/GR] We like to think Green here at GR, and that was before skyrocketing energy costs, although that did little to sway us. Only with such infused noble intentions could one grin ear-to-ear over waste management. But that’s just what BigBelly’s duo of ambitious multipurpose waste management solutions is capable...