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Enphase Energy’s Environ Smart Thermostat Monitors Your Solar Energy


Enphase Energy’s Environ Smart Thermostat may be the future of home energy monitoring. Owners can use a web-based application on their computers or smartphones to control thermostat controls, and importantly, solar panel energy production. It works through Enphase Energy’s Internet-connected microinverters, which work in conjunction with a a solar panel to convert...


Dell’s Big New Solar Oasis


The folks out at Dell have given us a pretty sweet gadget to check out.  Now, chances are, you’ve heard about a LOT of solar powered whatnot, especially right here.  And some of it is pretty strange.  Solar powered jackets, solar powered cars…well, now Dell’s going to bring you what...

LG Launches The GD510, Offers Optional Solar Panel Back Cover


LG officially announced their “Pop” phone yesterday, better known as the GD510. It lays claim to being the most compact 3-inch touchscreen phone on the market today, although I’m not sure how they’re qualifying that statement. What’s really drawing headlines, though, is the optional solar panel… To continue reading “LG...


Liquid Solar Arrays: Paint The World In Solar Panels


When the tops of buildings just isn’t enough, the ocean is the next frontier of solar panel placement.  New LSA’s or Liquid Solar Arrays have been developed to float on the ocean.  Using currently existing solar concentrator technologies, LSA’s are constructed with light weight materials allowing them to submerge themselves...


Solar Powered PMP: Shiro SQ-S


We’re no strangers to the wind or sun powered MP3 players, so as the Aussie’s say, ‘throw another one on the barbie’.  Shiro’s SQ-S is your garden variety PMP only it sports solar panels on its backside, which if charged basked in the sun continuously for 4 hours you’ll get...