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The Power HotSpot Provides Power Where Ever You Are


So sometimes, you’re out in the middle of nowhere, your car is dead and so is your cell phone.  At times like that you start to wish you were carrying a little lightning in your pocket.  But the next best thing just might be the Power HotSpot from Solis. The...


Solio Emergency Charger Offers Power Anywhere…Eventually


If you’ve ever found yourself out hiking in the back end of beyond and come up against an emergency–a broken leg, a lost map, a witch chasing you and your friends, a family of inbred mountain people who think your girlfriend looks tastier than a twelve-course buffet, you know what...


Would You Pay $300 For A Solar Powered Purse?


Hey ladies–got a question specifically for you today.  How do you feel about the thought of a solar powered purse? This isn’t some weird environmentalist joke–this is actually a purse that generates electricity from a layer of dye-sensitized solar cells.  Dye-sensitized solar cells are thin, cheap solar cells that can...

LG solar powered ereader

LG’s Solar Powered e-Reader Will Change Your Summer Reading


LG is coming out with an amazing new gadget that’ll quite possibly change the way you think about summer: the solar-powered e-reader. This is actually a whole lot of amazing in one sentence, so I’ll try and break it down into more manageable chunklets for you.  One, an e-reader that...