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T9 Trace

T9 Trace Software Lets You Swipe Instead Of Peck


Ever since the launch of the iPhone, virtual keyboards have become more and more popular, but there are still some inherent kinks that can make using them a frustrating experience. The T9 Trace software is setting out to solve that problem. It’s from the same people who brought you the...


DJ Mouse Peripheral By DJ-Tech


With the looming release of DJ Hero this fall, becoming a virtual DJ has never so many options.  New from DJ-Tech is the DJ Mouse ($80) and it is designed to work with the company’s own Deckadance software for the Mac and PC.  The main component of the DJ Mouse...


Video Walk Through Of iPhone 3.0 Software (video)


Perhaps the screen shots of iPhone 3.0 Software circulating the Net weren’t enough for you?  If not, then you’re in luck, because the dudes and gals at Engadget scored a video walk through of the new and sort of soon to be released OS.  The video’s pacing is a bit...


iPhone 3.0 Software Biggest And Best


So what does Apple’s iPhone OS 3.0 offer?  Check it: Push notification for applications.  That means you can get an IM and not have the app running.  Sweet and finally Copy and paste.  Double tap on some text and you’ll get a pop up for ‘cut, copy or paste.’  Double...


iPhone 3.0 Software Coming March 17th


Hold onto your seat, because the 3.0 software update for the iPhone is just days away, well, at least a preview of it.  Apple sent out an email today inviting journalist to a March 17th event that will show off the latest SDK and OS 3.0 for the iPhone.  As...


New Software Tracks Your Carbon Footprint Via GPS


GPS is no one trick pony.  Long used for determining location, there are now numerous applications such as geo tagging of photos, social updates and now for measuring your carbon footprint. The software, wittingly called Carbon Diem (a play on the Latin carpe diem, which roughly means ‘seize the day’),...