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sodastream mix

MIX by Sodastream Makes Any Drink Bubbly


I always thought that the original Sodastream was a great concept — the ability to create your own sodas is a great idea. The problem, though, is that I don’t drink soda. I do, however, drink Amaretto and Fireball on ice. Interestingly enough, Sodastream has a wonderful new machine that will...

SodaStream Revolution Review-001

Sodastream Revolution Review


Soda has long been characterized as an evil, villainess product that does no good.  It rots teeth, melts insides, turns children into crazed maniacs, and has been known to shatter relationships – kidding on the last one.  Okay, so that characterization is grossly inflated.  After all, there are worse things for you in life,...

West Coast Chill

West Coast Chill Self Chilling Can (video)


The idea of a self chilling can isn’t exactly new.  In fact, word of an actual beverage manufacturer using such a piece of tech has been circulating for longer than we can remember.  Aside from the technological hurdles, price is a massive deterrent since it could very well increase the cost of...

Pepsi Dream Machine

Pepsi Dream Machine Gives Rewards For Recycling


Hey kids, recycling is fun now! The Dream Machine, a collaboration between PepsiCo and Waste Management, is a recycling machine that awards points every time a bottle is returned. Pepsi’s planning on putting these things in high traffic areas across the country, like malls and sports stadiums. Obviously, the idea...

Soda Powered RC Card

Soda Powered RC Car Looks Sweet (video)


Toys powered by water are nothing new, but cola or juice, that’s something worth doing a double take over. Takara Tomy is set to introduce a Japanese toy RC car powered by an ‘ene Bio Engine’, which uses juice, soda or any sugary drink for fuel.  The RC car’s controls...


Soda Can Sterilizer


Are you a germaphobe? Then you probably fret about drinking out of cans. This concept from Leon Peng eradicates the can's drinking surface of bacteria by hitting it with a healthy dose of UV light. Too bad you can't jam a [...]...