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Wireless Power Socket With Remote

Wireless Power Socket with Car Alarm Remote Control

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Trying to set the mood for that someone special?  Wanna kill the lights at the click of a button? Then you need, yes need the Wireless Power Socket with Remote Control.  It looks like it accepts plugs from around the world in addition to including a car alarm like remote for...

Rozetkus 3D power socket

Rozetkus 3D: A Spring Loaded 5 Prong Socket


99% of the time 2 electrical outlets – the standard in US homes – isn’t enough to fulfill our consumer electronics’ demand for power.  The resolve is to plug in one of those unsightly power strips, which more than often leaves a rat’s nest of cords. The Rozetkus 3D power...


Antler Socket Cell Phone Holder


I can't tell you how many times I've seen my girlfriend place her phone on the floor to charge. I'm confident she'll step on it any day now, unless of course I get her one of these. Ok, so the antler part leaves something to be desired, but it...