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Snorkeling Kickboard

No Masks or Snorkels Required With The Snorkeling Kickboard


Snorkeling ins’t for everybody…especially those who don’t like the idea of wearing uncomfortable snorkel masks or have a hard time trying to get the whole breathing-through-your-mouth-while-underwater concept down. But these people don’t have to miss out on all the fun that snorkeling brings – like checking out cool fish cruising...

Fish List

11 Devices That Will Transform You Into a Fish (list)


If you’re stuck in an area of the country that’s currently having a harsh winter, then you’re probably dreaming about summer and a tropical getaway in a much warmer climate. You’d probably trade in your snow boots and snow shovel for swim shorts and some snorkeling gear, right? Well, to...


Powerbreather: a Darth Vader Snorkel (video)


The snorkel to a large degree hasn’t change much since the products invention.  Sure, there are now versions that include an apparatus to help clear the tube of water, but to a large degree the function and the form has remained the same.  And hence why we can’t over look...

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