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LEGO Sniper Rifle

HALO Sniper Rifle Built from LEGO


Dedication is just the tip of the ice berg when it came to erecting this life sized Halo Sniper Rifle, otherwise known as the Sniper Rifle System 99 Anti-Matériel.  And get this: it’s made from LEGO! Its builder, Nick Jensen, is no stranger to LEGO gun builds, but none before have been so large....

NERF Long Strike Sniper Rifle

NERF Sniper Rifles Takes Foes From 35 Feet


NERF guns have long been known for their blitz like attacks.  Meaning you can’t take down your enemy from afar.  But that’s all about to change thanks to the NERF Longstrike Sniper Rifle.  It fires NERF ammo up to 35 feet so you can take the battle from your cubicle or...


LEGO Sniper Rifle Is Fully Working (video)


An ingenious custom modder has created a fully working Lee Enfield Bolt Action Sniper Rifle out of LEGO Technics. It shoots LEGOs, it has a real reload and accurate aim — everything. I can’t believe the creativity of some of these guys. Check out the video to see if yourself....