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Corsair M65_4

Corsair Vengeance M65 Laser Gaming Mouse Review

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Corsair is making some very strategic business moves of late. A while back it was announced they would be incorporating the Raptor line of PC peripherals into their formidable list of similar products. Then, earlier this month news tumbled down the rabbit hole regarding their Acquisition of Scotland based Simple...

Sniper Peep Hole

Sniper Peephole Decal


Starring through your front door’s peephole gets about as exciting as watching paint dry, unless of course you’re waiting on the FedEx man to drop off your iPhone 5.  Don’t get excited, the iPhone 5 isn’t out and don’t expect it to be announced anytime soon.  That being said, you...


Sniper Detection System: SWAT


I love me some sniper action in COD4 (I'm still waiting on my copy of COD5). The reality, though, is that snipers are ultra deadly on the battlefield and for lack of better words they have proved a significant nuisance in Iraq and Afghanistan. ...