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Nintendo Cufflinks

Video Game Cufflinks Look Real Enough to Play


I thought I had seen it all…when it comes to cufflinks.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Etsy seller Bazinga Jewerly sells a variety of cufflinks that are crafted in the vein of video game controllers.  This includes the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Xbox 360, Playstation, and the console that...


RetroDuo 3.0 NES/SNES Game Console Review


As retro gaming becomes more and more of a niche market, there are two primary concerns to worry about. First, that the old games and consoles aren’t being manufactured anymore, and second, that authenticity in feel is of the utmost importance. For years, Retro-bit’s RetroDuo systems have been trying to...

SNK NeoGeo Portable

Portable NeoGeo

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The Supaboy pretty much sets the bar when it comes to cheap, old school video games consoles that have been converted into a portable version.  Honestly, we didn’t think it could get much better, that is until we laid eyes on the portable NeoGeo from SNK.  Hard to say how...




If you’re like the rest of the world, you’ve got your SNES and Genesis games stored deep away in the caverns of your basement.  Once a year you unearth them, stick them in their appropriate slot and quickly discover (again) that your console of choice barely works.  No more, provided...


SupaBoy is a Portable SNES and Home Console for Just $80


Retro gaming never looked so good, or so portable thanks to the SupaBoy from Hyperkin.  Effectively, it’s a Super Nintendo System shrunken into a portable format, replete with a full sized SNES cartridge slot – bet you didn’t see that one coming.  All the controls, as well as a screen,...