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Pebble Time Upgrades The Popular Smartwatch


Apple may have a pile of hype, Dick Tracy may be able to claim the original idea, but inarguably it’s the Pebble that made the wearable tech industry what it is today. The modest watch, using an e-paper design, was an absolute bulldozer on Kickstarter and has a surprising number...

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The Iris Is A Smarter Smartwatch


Wearable tech is what the entire tech industry is convinced is the next iPod; a massive popular consumer product that everyone wants. The jury’s still out on that, but in the meantime, we’ve got plenty of toys to play with, like the Iris. Paper Play The Iris actually takes its...


5 Things You Need To Know About LG’s New G Watch (list)


No sooner than Android Wear, Google’s announcement of a set of tools to build wearables for Android, was announced, than LG announced the upcoming G Watch as part of its line of smart devices. Here’s what we know so far, and how it might compare to other smartwatches out there....


The Nex Band Is Smart A Charm Bracelet


Smartwatches are huge right now, growing the market for wearable tech. Apparently Montreal-based Might Cast figured the market needed a smart charm bracelet and announced its Nex Band, a high-fashion accessory that also plans to be a “console on the wrist.” So basically, the Bluetooth Nex will work with a...