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Pebble Time Preorders Open, Smartwatch Ships in July


Now is the time for Pebble Time – specifically, for preordering the latest version of the smartwatch, which you can buy now and then get yours when the watches start shipping in July. Pebble found a nice niche in the smartwatch market, offering particularly affordable watches at much lower price...

revault 2

ReVault Puts Cloud Storage On Your Wrist


If you work a lot online, you probably use cloud storage to back up everything. Which is great, but it can also be frustrating since you need a local copy to get anything done… and have to sync the two in order to make sure your edits are updated… and...

Microsoft (1)

Microsoft Band to Go on Sale in UK


Microsoft may be anticipating the arrival of the Apple Watch next month with its latest move: It has just started selling its wearable Microsoft Band overseas in the UK. The Band is available via UK web order on common sites like Amazon, Best Buy and Target. However, more down-to-earth UK...


Apple iWatch Release Date & Top 7 Features


The Apple Watch has at last been announced, encouraging people everywhere to take stock of their wrists and decide if they want to adopt yet another addition to the Apple pantheon. Make no mistake, the Watch is huge step for Apple – but do you want to buy one? Here...

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Massive Android Wear Update Incoming


Android Wear is getting a mega update that is going to make the device more stylish, customizable and more useful than ever before. The smartwatch OS won’t only be getting more functionality, but it’ll also get many awesome new Watch Faces (including a Santa — how fitting!). The Watch Face API...


Microsoft Gets Into The Smartwatch Wars With Microsoft Band


Generally, if one tech company gets into a market, the others will follow in fairly short order. If somebody’s got a smartwatch, therefore, everybody’s got to have one. And Microsoft, it appears, won’t be any exception now that the smartwatch revolution is in full swing. Brace yourself for Microsoft Band....

Samsung Gear S

Samsung Gear S Wearable Coming Next Week


Samsung announced today that the Samsung Gear S will arrive in the U.S. beginning next Friday, November 7. The next-generation of wearable devices will extend the Samsung quality experience to users’ wrists. The Gear S features a 2-inch curved Super AMOLED display with standalone carrier network connectivity. Wearers will be able...


Fitbit Surge Is A Superwatch, Features Built-In GPS


With the increase in popularity in smartwatches, specifically fitness trackers,  Fitbit is looking to expand their product line and will be launching three new fitness trackers in the next couple of weeks. The first two are the Charge and Charge HR, with both a revamped Force (which is no longer...

Ritot Watch

Ritot Watch Projects Alerts On Your Hand (video)

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We’ve become a technology obsessed society, always looking for ways for tech to change our lives. The Ritot Watch wants to eliminate the need to have to pick up your phone or even glance down at your smartwatch to see who’s calling by projecting alerts on your hand. The first...