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The Nexus 5 Leaks Its Price, $350

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Google, when it comes to the Nexus 5, is a leaky, leaky ship, but this leak is even more official, and obvious, than most: They just put up the price on the Nexus 5 on their official store. Oh, you can’t buy it; the link was dead and was quickly...


LG Goes Phablet With The LG Pro Lite


Larger screens are becoming all the rage, as we more towards an apparently standardized form factor of about six inches. And LG is no exception, with it’s new phone the LG Pro Lite. But unlike the Note 3, a flagship phone this isn’t. Lite Indeed Let’s start with the internals,...


LG’s Bendable Smartphone Screens Are Finally Coming


For what has felt like decades now, LG has been teasing us with the prospect of bendy screens for our smartphones. And, yet, it’s never really come to pass, until now. Oooooh, Flexible! Unfortunately, you won’t be able to make a smartphone into a slap bracelet any time soon; this...


Microsoft Wants HTC’s Android Phones To Also Carry Windows Phone


Windows Phone is struggling to achieve market share in the cutthroat, highly competitive world of mobile operating systems. Well, OK, “competitive” is the wrong word when Apple and Google control most of the market. But Microsoft is looking for any advantage… including getting HTC to start making dual-boot phones. Two...


Amazon’s Smartphone Might Be A 3D One


Amazon is currently fighting with Apple, Google, and Microsoft to completely control your media life. Mostly we use this to buy $5 albums, although their media streaming items are quite nice for what they do. Apparently, though, when Amazon makes a push into phones, they’ll be coming with a very...


Oppo N1 Is A Phablet With A 13MP Camera


Smartphones are getting better and better cameras all the time. This doesn’t mean, of course, that there are other features that perhaps you should put first, but if you use your smartphone primarily to take snapshots, you might want to take a look at the Oppo N1. Even if you...


The Moto X Comes To Republic Wireless


You might know Republic Wireless best as the call company OF THE FUTURE. OK, so it’s a mobile virtual network operator, but it’s one of the few MVNOs that’s made a go of it over the last few years. And it’s about to get a major boost. A Hardware Upgrade...

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The HTC One Max Leaks, And It’s A Big Boy


Why, precisely, the phablet is popular, or at least popular enough to merit more than one on the market, is completely beyond me. Well, not completely, I suppose, but they’re a bit of “neither fish nor fowl” when it comes to form factors. And even by that standard, the HTC...


BlackBerry Announces Its New Z30


To anticipate your questions: Yes, BlackBerry is making a new phone. No, there wasn’t a Z20, just a Z10. Yes, the Z10 came out, and you missed it. There was excellent reason for that. So the big question is, can BlackBerry turn it around with the Z30? The Latest Operating...