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Bluelounge Milo-0094

Bluelounge Milo Review

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I love the SETA Smartphone Stand. It’s a very smart, very simple product that holds a smartphone steady. It’s not the perfect dock, but it provides the stability to fit on any desk. The Bluelounge Milo is cut of the same cloth; a metal slab with two micro suction panels...


iPin Review


hen I was offered a piece of hardware that turned my iPhone into a laser pointer, how could I turn it down? That’s what the iPin, made by Canary Enterprise, is: a tiny laser pointer that plugs straight into the iPhone through the headphones port. The device isn’t perfect; it’s...

HTC Smartphone Stops A Bullet

HTC Smartphone Stops A Bullet, Saves A Man’s Life


Who would have ever thought that a smartphone could be life saving…literally? A Florida gas attendant’s life was saved by his HTC smartphone during a recent holdup by gunpoint in an Orlando suburb. A man looking to rob the gas station walked in yesterday morning at 4;45 am and showed...


Lock and Locate your Smart Bike With LOCK8 (video)


Make sure your smart bike is secure and locked with the world’s first smart bike lock, LOCK8. The Kickstarter campaign is a keyless security device that uses your smartphone to keep your smart bike safe. And in case your smartphone runs out of battery, you’ll be provided with a keyfob...

LG Optimus G2-0036

LG G2 Review


The smartphone market may be saturated with high-end devices, but on Android what “high-end” means changes practically every day. The growth in both software and hardware technology, combined with the openness of Android, has made way for some radical thinking in user interfaces, hardware frames, sensor use, and plenty more....

Nexus 5

10 Things You Should Know About Google’s Nexus 5


Google’s Nexus 4 sold well.  It didn’t sell gangbusters crazy like the Samsung Galaxy S4. But that comparison is something akin to comparing the box office sales of an indie flick to that of a $100 million stinker. That comparison in mind, the Nexus 4 isn’t a bloated and hyped...

Dolby 3D Demo on 3k Panel

First Look: Dolby 3D


he unassuming building in Burbank, California that I’ve just entered holds one of the offices of Dolby Laboratories. The company is well-known for their audio technologies but my appointment with Guido Voltolina, General Manager, Dolby 3D was all about my eyes, not ears. I entered a small room, barely big...