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BikeConsole PowerPlus Mount

BikeConsole Power Plus Mount Review


ike riders are increasingly putting their smartphones onto the handlebars — how else can they take advantage of apps and GPS and yes, even phone calls. But the case protecting a phone that’s traveling on a pair of wheels needs more than just a solid construction: it has to be...

Libratone Zipp-0260

Libratone Zipp Review

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Audio quality is scientific…until it isn’t. Until it comes into your home, or until you’re in the store listening, and you say “that sounds good”…or not. That’s why companies can charge ridiculous fees for high-end audio equipment and claim it’s better when, in fact, it’s worse. It’s too easy to...

Luxi Light Meter Attachment for iPhone 5

Luxi Light Meter Attachment for iPhone 5 Review


asual photography has never ceased to be of interest and if anything, this has now increased due to the availability of cell phone cameras. But for those looking to shoot accurately and with consistent results, a stand-alone camera still has more technology for imaging and provide more professional results than...

parrot asteroid mini

Parrot Asteroid Mini Connects Your Digital Life to Your Car


If your car doesn’t sport all the new in-car technology, fear not! The Parrot Asteroid Mini In-Car Multimedia System will connect your digital life to your car. The innovative device easily mounts to the top of your car’s dashboard and featuring downloadable apps, navigation, Bluetooth and more. You can enjoy...


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review


It’s being touted as THE best phablet on the market. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has hit store shelves. Bending the knee to one of the major subscription barons will earn you a seat at the owner’s circle. The choice is yours from AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and others. The...

Bluelounge Milo-0094

Bluelounge Milo Review

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I love the SETA Smartphone Stand. It’s a very smart, very simple product that holds a smartphone steady. It’s not the perfect dock, but it provides the stability to fit on any desk. The Bluelounge Milo is cut of the same cloth; a metal slab with two micro suction panels...


iPin Review


hen I was offered a piece of hardware that turned my iPhone into a laser pointer, how could I turn it down? That’s what the iPin, made by Canary Enterprise, is: a tiny laser pointer that plugs straight into the iPhone through the headphones port. The device isn’t perfect; it’s...