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NEEO Is A Thinking Remote That Controls Your Home


The thing with so many smart home devices is that you have different controllers and apps for each one, making for a cluttered home and a cluttered phone. NEEO eliminates the mess and lets you control all of your home’s smart devices from one convenient place. Two Parts to NEEO...


Lucis NuBryte: A Family Smart Home Hub for Lights

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Are you tired of all the smart home hubs on the market that just sort of sit there? Sure they may be…routing or whatever it is they do inside, but for the most part they’re just another piece of plastic you need to find a shelf for. Lucis understands the...


Netgear’s Arlo: The Best Home Security Cameras?


Netgear has made a big move into the home automation world with the release of Arlo, a friendly mini-camera system that seems to be just the start of Netgear’s ultimate smart home plans. Arlo is a fairly simple smart security system on the surface. Designed for the growing DIY home security...


Control Your Smart Home With One Remote (video)


You’re home is probably filled with lots of smart devices that keep the lights turned off when no one’s in a room and the temperature nice and cool for when you get home from work. Your smartphone must also be filled with tons of different apps that control each device....


The Zen Thermostat Is Smart and Beautiful


Home devices shouldn’t be ugly. Instead, they should work add to your home’s decor, which is exactly what the Zen thermostat will do. The smart thermostat will look beautiful on your wall and is so simple to use. Its LED screen provides uses with clear and simple feedbacks, showing just...


Emberlight Transforms Ordinary Bulbs Into Smart Bulbs


The new Kickstarter campaign for Emberlight lets you take your existing bulbs and turn them into smart bulbs without any complicated equipment. Simply screw in a dimmable bulb of your choice and then connect it to your existing Wi-Fi router to control it via your smartphone or tablet. Not only...


VOCCA Makes Ordinary Light Bulbs Smart and Voice Activated


Transforming your house into a smart home isn’t always cheap. You have smart light bulbs, temperature sensors, monitors, alert system and even baby monitors. What’s great about the new Kickstarter campaign for VOCCA is that takes your ordinary light bulbs and transforms them into smart lights that turn on and...