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Low-Budget Bullet-Time Rig Take Beautiful, Flawed Footage (Video)


Slow motion, and bullet-time, are actually useful scientific tools. While we know them mostly as dramatic cinematography, the ideas and concepts are great for scientific analysis. Also, it looks cool, which is why a NASA engineer and his buddy built a low-budget version for an expensive camera. Visual Acuity Here’s...


SloPro iPhone App Slows Video to Slowmo

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[GR]egTje-qkrGI[/GR] Apple’s iPhone 4s has a badass camera on it.  Don’t believe us?  Then clearly you haven’t read the reviews raving about the quality, clarity and speed of the camera.  From a specification standpoint the iPhone 4s’ camera has an 8-megapixel sensor and a f-stop of 2.4, which means not...

6 foot water balloon

Six Foot Water Balloon Exploding in Slow Motion (video)


What does a giant, 6 foot water balloon look like in slow-mo when it explodes?  Hit the video below to find out.  These fine chaps from merry old England, called the TheSlowMoGuys, have been filming a variety of things exploding in slow motion.  And despite that novelty wearing off rather...

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