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VW GTI Crazy Bob

VW GTI Sled: Crazy Bob

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Winter is well under way, though you wouldn’t know it here in SoCal where we’ve experienced an uncanny amont of 70 degree days.  No matter, because we’ll never be able to go sledding, that is unless of course we drive 2.5 hours north.  And if we do, we’ll surely be...

Porsche BobSleigh

Porsche Designed Bobsleigh


What does an over priced piece of winter kit look like?  Just like this, the Porsche Bobsleigh. It’s £170.00 ($264 US), which is a god awful amount, but anything sporting the Porsche name is generally excessively priced.  We’re not saying it won’t split your femur in two, it just might...


Sledding Goes All Season With The Slicer

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Sledding has long been regarded as a 'winter only' sport, until now. The Slicer is an all season sled that works season round. Just fill the included ICER molds with water, freeze and append to the Slicer sled. Before you know it, you'll be cracking tail bones...