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The Dainese D-Air Ski Is An Airbag Where Skiiers Need It Most


Skiing is a sport of strength, grace, speed and style, and it’s also one that can very easily kill you. As we saw again and again at the Winter Olympics, all it takes is one slushy patch and you can wipe out, sometimes severely injuring yourself. Which is why the...

North Face Patrol 24

North Face Back Pack Air Bag Avalanche System Now On Sale for $1179


Suffice to say, there is no price you can put on someone’s life.  Unless of course they’re skiing in avalanche territory, which according to North Face values their life at $1,179.  What am I alluding to? Late last year we told you about North Face’s Avalanche Airbag safety system.  At the...

Oakley Airwave

Oakley Airwave Ski Goggles with Built-in HUD Instantly Display Speed, Friends, and More


Riding the slopes for most people is a casual affair. But if you’re of the competitive type, or quite literally competing for a medal, you’ll probably indulge in any advantage that is legally sound. Oakley, the brand long associated with extreme sports nuts, today unveiled the Airwave. Stuffed inside the...

North Face ABS

North Face Avalanche Airbag Safety System Backpack


Word is that skiing fresh powder is unlike any other skiing experience.  However, a major drawback (understatement) is the vastly increased possibility of getting caught in the wake of an avalanche.  Once a skier is trapped beneath a few feet of snow there is no escaping.  The best thing they...

jetpack Skiing

Jet Pack Skiing (video)


Troy Hartman is a man that indulges in senseless acts, and his website proves it.  No seriously, his website has a button that says “senseless acts”.  So it’s no surprise to see him strap on a home made jetpack and hit speeds up to 47mph on a pair of down...


Skizee One Person Skimobile Propels Down Hill Skiers Up (video)


Skizee may sound like some new fangled porn category, but it’s in fact a piece of ski kit that can propel riders up hill, across a hill or even faster down a hill.  Yup, no longer are down hill skis relegated for, well, down hill use. Originally intended for snow patrollers,...


Recon-Zeal Transcend GPS Goggles Review


[rating:4/5] Pros: Shows GPS data, speed, temperature, and altitude on a crisp built-in display High-quality construction and design Lightweight feel when worn Cons: Expensive Controls on the wrong side for power sports (throttle hand) GPS can be slow to acquire satellites Goggles and sunglasses designer Zeal Optics has partnered with...


These Active Suspension Skis Keep You On The Slopes All Day Long


Coming from Anton Dynamics Inc. via inventor Anton Wilson, these Active Suspension Skis are purportedly capable of a “stress-free sensation of flying” due to a special suspension mechanism close to those found in automobiles. Thanks to these, skiiers will have less fatigue on their body, so they can stay out...

X-Plore.XGX GPS Glove

X-Plore.XGX: The World’s First Ski Glove With GPS

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In case one of the many GPS watches we’ve seen or tested in the last few months doesn’t pique your interest for tracking all things sports related, Zanier has a pair of gloves infused with a GPS tracking device and monochrome screen called the Xplore.XGX ski gloves.  They can track...

satsports gps

Satsports GPS Is The Swiss Army Of Navigation Devices


GPS devices have become so common place these days you can barely cross an intersection without seeing one mounted to a car’s windshield or a biker’s wrist.  The Satsports GPS, though, is like no other on the market today and can provide pertinent information to bikers, skiers, golfers and runners....


Backcountry Access’ Float 30 Backpack Should Keep You Floating In An Avalanche


From what I hear, skiing an ultra fresh powder is the bees knees when it comes to downhill.  But with that luxury comes the potential of being buried in an avalanche.  Enter the Backcountry Access’ Float 30.  Although it looks like it’s designed to protect your head and neck from...