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Watch Bob Burnquist Grind A Floating Skateboard Ramp (Video)


One of the fascinating things about the Internet is how it’s made stunts more possible. Before, building a floating skateboard ramp would have been a ridiculous proposition, because nobody would hear about it. Now? Now everyone can, so it actually gets built. Skate Or… Drown? Bob Burnquist was challenged to...


Shark Wheel Reinvents The Wheel. Literally. (video)


It’s not every day somebody actually makes an effort to reinvent the wheel. But the guys behind the Shark Wheel have done just that, and come up with a design for skateboards that might just make a lot more sense to use. The Shark Wheel is essentially an odd mix...


Android…Controls Android?


That’s not a typo, folks, that’s a strange little bit of news that’ll make your day just a little more surreal.  I try to do that sort of thing wherever possible. If you’ve got $3000, a lot of patience and anything with the Android operating system, then you too can...