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SMIFi SIM Card Adds WiFi To Any SIM Card Carrying Phone


In a few years just about every cell phone on the market will have WiFi, at least that’s my guess.  But before that time arrives folks who are still rocking old school handsets with SIM card slots will want the SMIFi.  Just like the Eye-Fi SD cards, the SMIFi adds...


The GSM Business Phone Appears To Be Landline, But Accepts A SIM Card


As we’ve learned, Chinavasion is never far from the cutting edge of random and almost useless, but sometimes cool products.  I don’t know how many people have an aversion to using their cell phones at home or in the office, but just in case you’d like to obtain a more...


Multi-Card SIM Reader Is USB Thumb Drive Convenient


Holy flash drive of goodness. The Multi-Card SIM reader can pull your best kept secrets (or numbers) off your SIM card, microSD or Memorty Stick card all via USB 2.0. They've included a 'Sim Editor' and LED activity light for your convenience, but it doesn't look like it...