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Steam Shower Room Gives You The Ultimate Massage


There’s nothing quite like coming home after a long day and getting a nice hot shower. Of course, as the Steam Shower Room, by Aquapeutics, shows, there’s hot showers, and then there are hot showers with steam and acupressure jets, TV to watch, aromatherapy, and plenty of other bells and...


Dual Sex Showerhead


Anybody that has a lot of sex knows that water is often too dry to keep moist areas at peak moistness.  For whatever the case, you can now buy a dualing shower head for all that amateur porn you’ve been wanting to make. Probably more for actual bathing, this dual...


Solar-Power Shower Will Keep Me And This Chick Warm


We’re all trying to be a bit more green these days, I know I am.  The Solar-Power Shower is a relatively affordable device that is the perfect accompaniment to any pool or beach house owner.  Instead of delivering blistering cold showers after a dip in the water, its solar base...