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Star Wars Stormtrooper Bathrobe

Star Wars Stormtrooper Bathrobe


So there is one thing that is for sure: there is no shortage of Star Wars related products.  Some of our faves are the Star Wars inspired sweatshirts, and then there is the Star Wars sleeping bag courtesy of ThinkGeek.  Needless to say, they pair fairly well together. Adding to...

Aquavolo Music-Chromotherapy shower

Aquavolo Music-Chromotherapy Shower Head (video)


Indulge in luxury with the new high-tech shower by Bossini, Aquavolo Music-Chromotherapy Shower Head that creates your own personal spa out of your ordinary shower. The special shower head combines water, sound and light in one for a revitalizing and relaxing shower routine.  [GR]C7P0Xa0ezQU[/GR] Users have the option of two...

H20 Powered Shower Radio

Water Powered Shower Radio, Is It Real?


April Fools is just beyond us by a few days, so we’re taking the H2O Powered Shower Radio with a grain of salt.  If it is real, the radio promises to run, as in be powered from H20 alone. How’s it work?  Just install it in line with your shower hose...

canine dog shower

The Canine Shower Stall: No Soap On A Rope Needed


Can you just see the look on this dog’s face?  Pure horror I’m sure!  This crazy expensive dog shower should give your local salon a run for it’s money.  Literally.  While you may have seen the dog washing machine at various public locations, you can now own one for only...

Viteo Shower

Reverse Shower, The Viteo Shower

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Is this the same chick that models the Solar Powered shower?  Black bathing suit? Check.  Brown hair? Check.  Slender build? Check.  Heck, the only thing missing is that solar part, well, and the shower head. The Viteo Shower is a bit of gimmick meets practically.  Sure you could just rinse...


LED Shower Door, Need I Say More


Water and technology have their place with one and other, but often they go together like tuna and peanut butter.  What exactly do I mean?  Get your tech wet and usually it’s fried.  The Cromobox LED shower door however, is the perfect combination of bathtub fun and LED lighting.  The...