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Silencerco Somehow Silenced A Shotgun (video)


If we’ve learned one thing about firearms from video games, it’s that shotguns are loud. You aim, you pull the trigger, and KATHOOM! Well, maybe not “KATHOOM!,” but you know what we mean. It seems like something you couldn’t muffle… but somehow, Silencerco has pulled it off. Silence Is Dangerous...

grizzly shotgun1

Dominion Magfed Shotgun Lets You Unload


The shotgun is a tried-and-true tool for zombie defense, fighting off graboids, and various other purposes, some of which might involve discharging shells at non-fantasy creatures, but where’s the fun in that? The Grizzly Magfed Shotgun, from Dominion Arms, is pretty much designed to cater to the dreams of everybody...


CES: Taser Shotgun and Area Denial System


You gotta love the names that them military folk come up with. The black, slender shaped boxes is an 'area denial system', while the yellow thing is a shotgun outfitted with both a taser for close range combat and taser shotgun bullets that are for long range [...]...