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Enko Is The Next Generation Of Running Shoes (video)


Athletic shoes have come a long way since they were first invented, being lighter and providing more comfort than ever. While the running shoe alway kept its same form, the Enko is something totally different. Looks Sort Of Robotic The Enko’s sole is anything but normal and actually looks like it...

Oliver Sweeney x Johnnie Walker brogue

Sneaky Shoes Hide A Bottle Of Booze


We’ve all been guilty of trying to sneak in some booze to places where it’s either not allowed or when it is, the drinks are ridiculously expensive, trying to hide in it flasks and the like only to get caught. Well, shoemaker Oliver Sweeney and Johnnie Walker came together to...

zubits 1

Zubits Turn Any Shoe Into A Slip-On


The shoelace is a technology we’re all comfortable with, and nobody seriously thinks it should be replaced. But when it comes to certain applications, like running, they’re not exactly optimal. Any knot designed to be untied by hand is eventually just going to unravel by itself, and no one wants...

Chainmaille Shoes

Chainmaille Shoes Make It Feel As If You’re Walking Barefoot


If you’re one of those people who prefer going barefoot than wearing shoes all the time will definitely like PaleoBarefoot’s minimalist PRONATIV “shoes” or chainmaille booties, which provide the sensation of walking barefoot without actually going completely barefoot. The sock-like shoes made of chainmaille will protect your feet from rocks...

lace anchors

Lace Anchors Make Your Lace-Ups Slip-Ons


The shoelace has stood, unchanged, as a technology for more than a century. And, hell, why not? It works. Materials science may advance, loafers may still be more comfortable, but for ease of use without looking like a dork, the simple shoelace stands above us all. Or did, rather, with...


Nordic Grip Mini Ice Grippers Will Keep You Standing Tall


If you live, well, anywhere that experiences winter, you’ve probably had, at least once, the “fun” experience of slipping and landing flat on your butt. It’s no fun for anybody and it can actually make your life miserable for a few days as the bruises heal. Which is why having...

Nike Free Flyknit

Get Comfy With Nike’s Free Flyknit Sneaker (video)


Nike just keeps pushing the envelope when it comes to the latest sneaker technology and their latest Free Flyknit sneaker might be their most comfortable shoe ever! They recently released the Free Flyknit at their Beaverton, Oregon headquarters and are meant to be performance shoes with an an ultra comfortable Free+ 5.0...