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Nike FlyKnit

Nike FlyKnit Ultra Light Sneaker (video)


You probably thought that those light weight running shoes couldn’t get any lighter? Wrongzo. This past February Nike unveiled their Flyknit sneaks. They use an upper mesh that is specially weaved together that maintains their ultra light weight build without compromising sturdiness or comfort. [GR]JUdNeFh2SDo[/GR] Nike is billing their FlyKnit...

Solebox LED Sneakers-1

Reebox Solebox Omni Zone Pump


Self-lacing sneaker – we wish.  Sneakers that measure your workout – cool, but they hardly say “look at me.” Reebox has teamed up with Solebox to produce the Solebox Omni Zone Pump.  No, they won’t count your steps, lace up automatically or help you lead a more fulfilling life – well,...

Clear Sneaker

TSA Approved Sneaker


I’m really not sure how to position this as a gadget, but I suppose that instantly knowing when you need to clean out the toe jam could be useful.  Then again socks would negate that. And oh yeah, the title was a joke....