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Sharp’s Free-Form Display Lets Your TV Be Any Shape


When we say “television,” you probably think of a large rectangular solid of some sort. And that’s pretty normal. While TVs have gotten thinner and broader over the last few decades, they’ve largely stayed rectangular. Sharp’s new Free-Form Display, however, can be any wacky shape you imagine. An Engineering Challenge...


10 Top Black Friday Spots for Deals (list)


Thanksgiving might be today, but many of you are probably thinking way ahead to your Black Friday list and what stores you’ll be heading out to. Despite being a day to enjoy time with family and all the amazing food that comes with the highly appreciated holiday (and its four-day...


Sharp Galapagos E-Reader Set To Evolve Into Tablet


Sharp’s announcement of two e-readers for the Japanese market comes packaged with clever wordage about going from a focus on one-time sales of hardware, to a more customer oriented device that evolves through continuously updating software. It will need to make all that and more come true if it wants...


Sharp Develops First 3D Camera For Mobile Devices


Sharp announced today the development of a 3D camera for mobile devices, in what could be a breakthrough in how we record our lives. The camera is capable of shooting 3D video at 720p resolution and could be integrated into smartphones, netbooks, and other portable devices (remember that Sharp is...


Blu-Ray Disc Capacity Now Maxes Out At 100GB


Sharp has recently developed a new technique that has allowed them to stretch the capacity of a Blu-Ray Disc to 75 and 100Gb’s.  Pretty cool eh?  Through changing the way the discs are manufactured and improvements made upon the laser, Sharp is waiting for approval from the Blu-Ray Disc Association....