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ChumBuddy Eats You While You Sleep


Designer Kendra Phillips turns shark advocate this week and churns out the ChumBuddy, a 7 foot plush shark that won’t churn you into chum unless you happen to have a nightmare about it while sleeping in its belly. That’s right, the ChumBuddy is a shark-shaped sleeping bag, 100% hand-sewn, which...


The Shark Bean Bag Wants To Eat Your Ass (video)

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Bear with me for a sec and think Cookie Monster.  Yeah, this Cookie Monster: yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. The shark bean bag chair is both brilliant and scary.  And how fitting that an Australian retailer should carry it.  You know, because they surf a lot and from my understanding...


Shark Attack Wet Suit Is Scary Real

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Call it funny, call it a bad prank, but whatever it is called the Diddo custom wetsuits, particularly the one riddled with shark bite marks are sure to garner a significant double take that will have surfers scattering and moms cringing with disgust.  Using custom inks and unique printing techniques...