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6 of the Coolest Tech For Gamers in 2013 (list)

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The CES 2013 show in Las Vegas may have opened a new causeway for eager gamers, if not the industry as a whole. Companies big and small touted all manner of shiny innovations and gaming was quite remarkably at the forefront. If I sound dismayed, it’s because the ever-brewing cauldron...


Gadget Rumor: Apple Home Server


What kind of Macworld 2009 would it be with out the prebuzz rumors circling the Net.  Today, 9to5Mac – which mind you have managed to nab some pretty significant scoops – reported today that they’ve ‘heard’ that Apple is set to release an updated TimeMachine platform.  It’ll be more along...


Google Files Patent For Wave Powered Floating Server


Ha! You thought the ‘wave’ and ‘floating’ were tech speak. Wrong! Although the patent was filed back in February of this year, it was just recently spotted by a Slashdotter. So what is it? A data center that’s powered and cooled by the ‘motion of the ocean’ and resides 7...