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Autographer alternate main

The Autographer Review


hat’s with these “wearable” cameras that are all the rage lately? Do they work and really know what they’re doing and how do you handle them? The Autographer does what a “wearable” camera should and does it well, even if it’s not as unobtrusive looking as some others. The Autographer...

node sensor

Have All The Sensors With The NODE Wireless Sensor


As technology expands, and our needs for data grow, we’re increasingly finding ourselves with more and more sensors available to us. But who needs a junk drawer full of technology, when you can just buy NODE, a platform for all the sensors? USE ALL THE SENSORS!!! NODE is fairly simple....


Babolat Play Racquet Traces Your Tennis Skills


One of the more popular uses for smartphones has been to determine just how good you are at sports. From basketball to hockey, there’s plenty of connected sports equipment telling you all about angle, power, strength, speed and more. The Babolat Play wants to ensure that tennis fans aren’t left...


The FWD Powershot Measures Your Hockey Skills


Sports are all about performance, and performance is best measured through data. After all, if you don’t know how you’re doing and where you’re not at your best, how will you improve? For hockey players, that’s where the FWD Powershot comes in. Not An Energy Drink We know, it really...


Lumoback Will Correct Your Posture With Your Smartphone


Recently, I threw out my back. Currently, I can either lie down, stand, or sit at an awkward angle, and that’s pretty much it. Thus, needless to say I have suddenly developed an intense interest in back support and care regimens, which is why I bring you the Lumo, a...

Thor gaming mouse

Gigabyte Force M7 Thor Laser Gaming Mouse Review


Not all gamers are created equal. That’s just a fact of life some gullible gamers will have to make peace with. But all gamers are deserving of an equal opportunity to give the gift of a decongestant headshot to their digital enemies with confidence and precision. Often obtaining the right tools for...