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selfie arm

Selfie Arm Changes the Art of the Selfie


Someone has finally designed the tech that will change the art of the selfie forever. The Selfie Arm is here to better our lives. No longer do we have to look so lonely while taking the infamous selfie. This arm will hold our hand all the way through the process...


nifti iPhone 6 Selfie Case Perfects the Art of Selfies


The selfie is dead: Long live the selfie. These days – especially these holidays – the selfie is moving on from teenage posts and dating sites toward more acceptable venues. A family selfie, for example, can make a great photo to send to the relatives, while a romantic selfie can...


Jam Up Your Selfies With The Selfie Toaster


Would you like jam and butter with your selfie? Sure you would ’cause toast just got a whole lot better now that you can jam up your face with the unique toaster that imprints your best selfie on a slice of bread. Not only can you share your best duck-faced...