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Seiki’s 4K Ultra HDTV Drops Under $500


So 4K display technology and media aren’t exactly at parity yet. You don’t have much to watch at the native resolution, and without a newer HDMI standard, you’re limited to 30 FPS because of bandwidth restrictions. But for under $500, you can get a sweet enormous computer monitor, so long...


Seiki 4K SE39UY04 Ultra HDTV Hits Under the $600 Mark


Although there isn’t much 4K media to speak of these days and the refresh rate is limited to 30Hz by HDMI, sets like the Seiki SE39UY04 work great as ultra-large monitors. Today you can grab the 39-inch model for $569 – the lowest we’ve ever seen by over $100. For...


Dell 15R Haswell Laptop for only $500 plus a 4K HDTV at $899


For the specs you get, today’s deal on a Dell Inspiron 15R Haswell laptop is pretty darn good. You get a Core i5 processor and 6GB RAM for $500, all in a laptop that’s thinner than its predecessor. As 4K display technology is starting its rise, there’s no cheaper big-screen...