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RetroN 5 Will Let You Play All Your Old Video Game Cartridges


One of the key problems in video game history, as it’s built, is that it’s impermanent. It can be difficult to find any information about older games, and forget playing them. Fortunately, the RetroN 5 will help make old cartridges playable, at least. Genesis Does What Nintendon’t, But You Get...

Portable Sega

This Portable SEGA Genesis Ships with 80 Games for $46


During the late 80s and early 90s video games were still a relatively nascent form of entertainment.  Nevertheless, it was a magical experience and to this day firing up Excitebike – provided I can get my NES working – elicits a wide variety of positive emotions. And that’s why I’m...

Renegade Ops

Renegade Ops Review


[Rating: 5/5] Arcade games have never been about story or characters or anything thought-provoking. The fact that popular franchises like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Pacman, Galaga and countless others have evolved these things is only a product of the undying fascination of hardcore fans and a never-ending supply of game...

Sonic Spinball

Sonic Spinball For iPhone Review


[Rating: 3/5] Nostalgia is the lifeblood of remakes. We wouldn’t want to experience the same thing over again so readily for any other reason. “Hey, let’s rent Robocop, I remember it was great!” We all know the feeling. For some, the experience is, well, nostalgic. For others, eye-opening and proof...


Sega Genesis Business Card Holder


Retro gaming has permeated almost every facet or our modern living.  The Sega Genesis was one of the best gaming experiences of my childhood and I was pumped to see this business card holder modeled after this “master” system of old.  Anybody that doles out business cards like confetti and...


Sega Indoor Fireworks Projector Goes Boom In The Night


For all you fireworks junkies out there, the Sega Indoor Fireworks Projector takes the danger and financial burden out of cornea burning displays of holiday.  Not so sure whether or not this is actually made from the iconic video game company, I’m interested in seeing just how cool this thing...

GeniMini: A Portable Sega Genesis (video)


[GR]MPRtAd3SCHc[/GR] What’s a GeniMini?  A portable Sega Genesis, but of course.  Like the portable Dreamcast we saw in October, this one too is built by Hailrazer (aka John Jandron).  I  like how he just whipped it together because he was ‘bored’....