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1password vs Dashlane: The Best Family Password Manager


1Password and Dashlane are both very competitive password managers for families and small businesses. They even have plenty of features in common, including strong interfaces and high-quality password features. However, the two programs do differ considerably in some areas, such as cost. Which one is better for you? Read on...


Bannerman Is The Uber Of Bodyguards


Very few of us actually need a bodyguard. In fact, more often than not, personal protection is more for dignitaries and heads of state than the rest of us, since we can just call the police. But, if you happen to be able to afford it, and you happen to...

DCS-2330L Outdoor HD Wireless Network Camera

D-Link DCS-2330L Outdoor HD Wireless Network Camera Review

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ecurity cameras have undergone huge upgrades now that mobile devices are used as their view screens. This has led to cameras with varied feature-sets, although all continue the basic process of transmitting a picture. D-Link’s DCS-2330L Outdoor HD Wireless Network Camera provides for more than just the basics when it...


Apple’s iOS and OSX devices open to hacks


You may or may not have been following concerns over the last few months about the security of Apple’s Safari browser on iOS products such as iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices. Either way, if you’re an Apple user you might want to take care when storing usernames and passwords...


The Gunbox Wants To Revolutionize The Gun Safe

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Firearms and gun control are one of the trickiest political arguments in modern America. Often lost in that argument, though, is that the vast majority of gun owners want both simple access to their guns if absolutely necessary, but also for their guns to be safely locked away to prevent...


Wedg: Email Security, Anywhere You Go


Lately, we’ve all been concerned about privacy, not least because we’ve discovered that, surprise, major world governments are reading our Facebook page and our email. Some of us would prefer to keep our private information private. And the Wedg purports to do just that. Cloud Email Without The Cloud Essentially,...


Lock and Locate your Smart Bike With LOCK8 (video)


Make sure your smart bike is secure and locked with the world’s first smart bike lock, LOCK8. The Kickstarter campaign is a keyless security device that uses your smartphone to keep your smart bike safe. And in case your smartphone runs out of battery, you’ll be provided with a keyfob...