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Spy Bolt

Use this Spy Bolt to Smuggle Pills, Diamonds Through Customs

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Pill poppers and diamond smugglers take notice: this is the apparatus you need in your tool box, literally.  It’s called the Spy Bolt and it has a secret compartment inside of its body that can hold your weekend dose of ecstasy, or stash of diamonds as pass through US customs from a weekend trip to Antiwerp. The...


“Breaking Bad” Vent Safe is Yours for $260


Cutting a hole in your wall is generally a big no no.  Just go ask your wife or landlord and we can virtually guarantee shaking heads.  If you have none of those aforementioned responsibilities, along with a stockade of small guns, cash, and jewelry, then you’ll probably need a place to keep them...

Archport Flip Flop

Secret Compartment Flip Flop


We’ve all done it.  Gone to the beach and either lost our keys or had our wallets stolen.  Or at the very least feared at the potential of one if not both happening.  You no longer have to live in fear thanks to the ArchPort Flip Flops, which feature a...


The iPhone Has Another Hidden Surprise


The Apple iPhone is beginning to scare me.  Seriously.  With all the various things you hear about cropping up, eventually I look for an iPhone to one day stand up on its own base and say, calmly, through its speaker: “Cogito, ergo I’m going to take over the world now”....


Secret Message Cuff Links


The Secret Message Cuff Links look innocent enough, but are they really gateway paraphernalia? Includes 2 preprinted scrolls with quotes from Lao Tzu and Mahatma Gandhi, and 2 blank ones for your own inspirational words....


Secret USB Flash Drive Watch


The Secret USB Flash Drive Watch is more about convenience than stealth. Why so? USB flash drives are small enough that they can be 'jammed' just about any where. The storage is a desirable 4GB, while the price makes it a less attractive proposition at $50....