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Task Lab TaskOne G3 iPhone Case

Task Lab TaskOne G3 iPhone 5 Case Review


Because we keep our cell phones around all the time, we can always get phone calls. But what if you need a bottle opener, a screwdriver or a knife? Pull one out of your pocket, sure if you had one in your pocket but who has— I don’t. But I...

BFR750 Cordless Autofeed Screwdriver Kit

Auto Feed Screws with this Screwdriver, the Makita BFR750 (video)


Weekend time is precious.  So get back some of that lost time that would otherwise be spent screwing in screws into the soon to be built deck, with the Makita BFR750 Cordless Autofeed Screwdriver Kit. The BFR750 is not only light weight and powerful thanks to an 18V lithium-ion battery, but can...

Craftsman LED Screwdriver-1

Craftsman LED Screwdriver Illuminates Hard to Reach Jobs


Reach into a small crevice to tighten a screw and there is a good chance that you’ll block any of the incoming light.  Unless of course you’ve got the Craftsman 6-in-1 LED screwdriver. This screwdriver plays the perfect complement to Craftsman’s LED Pliers.  Embedded in the bases of the handle...

Gadget Review Daily Deals: ASUS VivoBook Touchscreen Laptop $499, Skullcandy Speaker Dock $50, 6-Volt Screwdriver $8

Gadget Review Daily Deals: ASUS VivoBook $499, Skullcandy Speaker Dock $50, 6-Volt Power Screwdriver $8


Today’s top deals include bargains for every price range. Not even a month old, the ASUS VivoBook Touchscreen laptop is $100 off it’s $599 list price. At 11.6-inches it’s just a little larger than Netbook size but includes a Core i3 CPU, Windows 8 and 5 hour battery life. For...


Black & Decker Gyro Screwdriver Spins with the Flick of Your Wrist


Humans adapt very quickly to new technology.  Take for instance our smartphones.  These days we’re almost appalled when we can tap the screen to zoom, or pinch to zoom out.  It’s just a matter of time until we expect that all of gadgets, gizmos, and toys can be controlled with...




The CRKT Tool designed by Ed Van Hoy and Tom Stokes was built to be the ultimate multi-tool! The two master knife-makers combined their talents for mechanical wizardry and efficiencies to create a multi-tool that not only is fully functional but also features a pretty innovative design. The CRKT Tool...

Screwdriver and Level

This Handy Pen Sized Tool Is A Screw Driver And Level Built Into One

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Sometimes the best things, or in the case most useful things, are the simplest and cheapest things. The Natico Tool Kit with Level and Bit Set is a screwdriver and level in one. Dare we say it’s handy? For a mere $8.40 (before shipping) it includes a case and three...


Screwpop Multitool Review


I’ll be honest, when I first saw the Screwpop I was skeptical to say the least.  But after using it for some odd jobs I’m pretty impressed.  The finish isn’t as superior as some might desire, but it’s solid build will last years to come, though it will be sure...


KR Tools 12609 Pump-Action ScrewDriver AutoLoads Bits


Bob Vila ain’t got nothing to say about this handy gadget!  Condensing 4 screwdrivers into one, this Auto-Loading ScrewDriver has two phillip’s head and two flat head screwdrivers each with two different sizes.  Each bit is magnetic and the whole thing looks really easy to use (see pic). The whole...