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Belt Transforms Into A Scooter


Is it a scooter or a belt? Actually it’s both! Although the two seem like two totally different things that don’t make sense as one, designer Adam Torok thought outside the box and decided to combine the two with his new creation – the Collapsable Belt Scooter. Fully Functional Belt...

Backpack Scooter

Scooter Backpack


Don’t hold your breath for this scooter come backpack.  Why?  Because it’s currently only in the design/concept phase.  However, there is a good chance that it will become reality, since it does offer some utility in this chaotic, gotta be on time world. The pics are pretty self explanatory.  As you...


The XR3 3-Wheeled Hybrid Vehicle Is All Future


Take a dash of Delorean, a little bit of the AutoMoto and some Bat Mobile and what do you get?  The XR3 3-wheeled hybrid vehicle.  Currently sold as a kit car, the diesel/electric engined vehicle is heading to production.  The driver has the choice of which propulsion system to engage...