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Mantis Hexapod

Mantis is Here The Real-Life Driveable Hexapod (video)

- - 0 Comments Working with game developers, software engineers and comic book creators can often lead to some incredibly geeky conversations, like who would win a fight Captain America vs. Wolverine? or Which console stays crunchier in milk, Xbox 360 or PS3? How about the viability of introducing mechanized exosuits or “mechs”...

Woollypocket Living Wall Planter

WoollyPocket Introduces the Living Wall Planter


[vimeo 60871802 w=600 h=350] My thumb has been every shade in the spectrum except an efficient and effective verdant green. I’m no gardener. I don’t have the knack–that preternatural connection with greenery is lost on my thumbs. I tried to grow marijuana in college once. But never inhaled. Somehow I...

Activision Realtime Face

Activision’s New Lifelike Rendering Technology For Facial Expression


[GR]l6R6N4Vy0nE[/GR] Let s talk faces–our soul’s canvas for emotional expression. Our faces tell vivid tales as the windows into our temperament. ┬áSome video games bank their realism and immersion on the tech powering their facial movement animations. It’s arguably what thrust Rockstar’s award-winning L.A Noire to the acclaimed heights it...


O-Cedar Unveils the O-Duster Robotic Floor Cleaner (video)

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[GR]MKl0p2d43rA[/GR] There’s a new “Rosie” on the block, “Mistuh J.” and she says, “Move over Roomba. The floor is mine!” The tiled floor, that is. Check out the O-Duster Robotic Floor Cleaner from O-Cedar. The O-Duster uses an electrostatic cleaning pad on its flexible Velcro base. Just select a cleaning...