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Graphene Violates The Laws Of Physics In A World-Changing Way

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Fourier’s law is perhaps not something you learned in high school physics, but it defines your life to a surprising degree. Essentially, the ability to conduct heat is intrinsic to the material; it doesn’t matter if you’ve got an inch of aluminum or a mile, it’ll conduct the same amount...

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Here’s Footage Of A Drone Being Flown In Volcano (Video)


It’s tough to get close to an erupting volcano, for obvious reasons. That’s why, for years, we’ve made robots do it. But with the increasing availability of drones, and the shrinking size and rising quality of video cameras, it’s meant that volcanologists aren’t the only ones who can get footage...

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The Titan Arm is an Affordable Robocop Suit (video)


Need strength?  Then you don’t have to look any further than the Titan Arm.  Created by three UPenn Students, the Titan Arm just won $45,000 and was awarded the prestigious James Dyson award. The battery powered arm fits to the users arm/body using a variety of straps, and can increase...


So “Direct Brain-To-Brain Communication” Is Real Now


The idea that we’ll someday be able to read each other’s minds, either with technology or because we evolve to become psionic, is as beloved in science fiction as spaceships and energy weapons. But it seemed as out of reach as much of SF… at least until the University of...


White Blood Cell “Magnet” Will Help Diagnose Disease


The dots in that video above? Fifteen microns in length. What you’re seeing is white blood cells sorting out of a blood sample, and something that may save lives. Many diagnoses in medicine depend on knowing your white blood cell count. As your white blood cells are your body’s defense...


OrCam Helps Visually Impaired (video)


Those who are visually impaired can now live a more visual life thanks to OrCam, a pocket-sized portable computer that’s connected to a camera, which clips to the person’s glasses with a tiny magnet. Looking similar to Google Glass, OrCam is more powerful and can see what you see understands...