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prep pad

6 Ways The Prep Pad Will Make You Healthier (List)


If you’ve ever tried to get healthy, you know it requires one thing above all others: Data. Data about how much you move, data about how much you eat, data about how much of what substance is in what you eat. That last, in particular, is difficult at best to...


The Taylor Projector Scale Shows Your Weight For All To See


The Taylor 550 Projector Scale is a useful gadget that could also be very embarrassing. See, it projects your weight onto the wall so that you don’t need to look down for whatever reason — if you’re older, or if you can’t see around your bulging stomach. It’s got a...

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i-Tab: A Guitar Player’s Best Friend


The i-Tab is a totally unique and innovative for guitarists of virtually any skill level.  Sitting atop the neck of your guitar like a parrot to the pirate, the i-Tab’s 5-inch color touchscreen feeds you legal tabs, chords, lyrics, and video lessons on the fly. The i-Tab comes packed with...

WIthings Scale - 04

Withings Scale Unboxing And Hands On


Scales by their very nature aren’t exciting, but when we got wind of Withings we knew we had to get a hands on.  If you’re not familiar with Withing’s Scale it’s got built-in WiFi which sends your records LBs (or KGs depending on where you live) through your home’s WiFi...


Bus Stop Scale To Weigh Passengers, Good Or Bad?


Technology walks a fine line between liberation and suffocation.  Take this advertisement for example.  When a commuter sits on the bench their weight is prominently displayed for all to see.  Although this might get some folks into the gym, what kind of impact will it have on our eco system? ...