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Stepping on the bathroom scale ain’t exactly a walk in the park.  The experience is usually more closely tied to that of a roller coaster ride, which is to say it’s usually full of fear and hesitation.  So how about a scale that offers a bit more pizazz and game...

Mixing Bowl with Scale

Digital Mixing Bowl Kitchen Scale


Convenience as often the root of any good product.  For example, almost 3 years ago we got word of a measuring cup that took out the guess work and could automatically display the displacement on digital display embedded in the handle.  While the Digital Mixing Bowl & Kitchen Scale from...

Mouse with Digital Scale

Mouse with Built-in Digital Scale


Where there is smoke…there is probably a weed smoker and perhaps even a dealer.  You’ll probably also find a laptop or some sort of computer laying around their crib playing Sienfeld reruns.  And it’s not like this mouse will prevent the PoPo from deeming them a drug wielding and dealing suspect, it...


Tanita To Launch New Scales That Have SD Card Slots


While a step forward for Tanita, their new line of scales featuring an SD card slot still pale in comparison to the Withings WiFi Scale.  Using the SD card, you can transfer information such as chronological graphs and such to your computer. Available sometime next month there’s no word on...

Withings Scale Review


Losing weight is never fun or easy. And then there is the inherent challenge of tracking your results and understanding what you’ve accomplished. Enter the Withings Scale. It removes the headache often associated with tracking your weight loss all the while adding some much needed pizazz to the often stark...


Animal Scale Does Wonders For Your Self-Esteem


Probably the best thing you can do for your fat friend is get them this Animal Scale.  Especially during the holiday season when over eating is easily overlooked, at least there’s no numbers displayed on this scale. It seems kind of drastic to me as you are either a duck...