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SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive Makes Room On Your Tablet


SanDisk has never been shy about incorporating offbeat ideas into their USB flash drives. As the market for flash drives becomes more and more competitive, and the prices have been pushed lower and lower, SanDisk has been trying and succeeding in finding new ways to stand out. Still, their current...


SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive Is A Portable Media Streamer

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We don’t think much about the humble flash drive. It’s there, in our desk drawers, on our keyrings, socketed into our laptops, making life a little easier for the rest of us. SanDisk, however, would like you to buy a lot more flash drives, so they’re starting to get creative....

Hard Drive Gift Guide

2012 Holiday Gift Guide: SSDs and External Hard Drives


After spending most of my life with solid disk drives, I’ve discovered two extremely important things: first, hard disk drives are terrible. They break too easily, they don’t last long, and once they’re broken that’s it; kiss your information goodbye or expect to pay a lot to get it back....

Sansa Fuse Plus

SanDisk Refreshes MP3 Player Line Up With Sansa Fuse+


SanDisk has taken another stab at the MP3 player market and updated their Sansa line with the Sansa Fuse+. They’re avoiding all things touchscreen (we’re guessing partially to do with the cost issue) and instead have opted for a touch sensitive directional pad that is said to be equitable in...


SanDisk Unveils Integrated SSD The Size Of A Stamp


SSD drives were cool to begin with, but SanDisk’s new 64GB SSD is pretty darn small too — the size of a postage stamp, actually. The new iSSD, or integrated SSD, is soldered onto the motherboard and is going to be used for portable devices. Sizes will range from 4GB...


SanDisk Unveils A Super Small Flash Drive


SanDisk has unveiled one of the world’s smallest flash drives, and certainly the smallest I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure they can take the title of “world’s smallest”, but it’s awfully close. The SanDisk Cruzer Blade is the size of a paper clip and weighs as much as a penny....

Sandisk 32gb microsdhc card

SanDisk 32GB microSDHC Card Shipping Tomorrow


Holy underwhelming Batman.  Remember the “something big” story that emerged over the weekend?  It wasn’t nearly as grandiose as they led me to believe.  Today, which is one day earlier than expected, the memory supplier announced the availability of their class 2 32GB microSDHC card.  Whoptee do.  If you’re so...