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8 Must Have Samsung Galaxy S4 Gifts (list/holiday)


With Christmas a week away, you’re probably done with your shopping. But for those procrastinators out there, we’ve compiled a handy list of gifts for any Samsung Galaxy S4 users in your life. These gifts make great stocking stuffers and will always come in handy! From cases, car mounts and...


Samsung Gamepad Makes Android Controllers First Party


One of the frustrations for gamers using mobile devices is that most mobile games aren’t really designed for touchscreens. They’re designed for controllers, and no amount of touchscreen buttons are going to offer the feedback a controller does. Samsung has decided it can’t leave mobile controllers to third parties… so...


Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Is Big But Smaller Than It Looks

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Smartphones are getting bigger as screen sizes expand and as customers begin using their phones for more purposes. And the Galaxy Grand 2 seems to offer a lot of real estate: It’s got a 5.25 inch screen. But what else does it have going for it? Hopefully a low price,...


Samsung Wants Folding Screens By 2015


We know that Samsung has already put out a phone with a curve in it, called the Galaxy Round because “Galaxy Curve” was already taken. And we know Samsung has higher ambitions for its flexy screens. How high? Try a phone you can fold like paper, less than two years...


Samsung Introduces a Curved Display

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It seems like only yesterday that Gadget Review was thinking about flexible screens… Oh, wait– it was yesterday as word got around about the possibility of LG introducing a flexible or curved screen.  Well, it appears Samsung has beaten them to the punch, announcing yesterday that they’ll soon release the...


So Samsung Has Been Rigging Their Benchmark Tests For the Note 3


Let’s just be clear about something, benchmark tests are pure marketing smoke and mirrors. No matter how objectively fast a processor is, it’s only as efficient as the software that makes use of it. That said, this doesn’t stop some cell phone makers from cheating. Even when it’s ridiculous. Liar,...

Samsung s4 vs iPhone 5s

iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy S4 (spec comparison)


Apple’s newest premium phone, the iPhone 5S is available for preorder, and that might make some Samsung/Android users take notice of the features (primarily the A7 64-bit processor that Apple claims will revolutionize mobile computing). When given a side-by-side comparison, however, it appears that while Apple is about to release a typically...


5 Reasons I Don’t Want A Smartwatch

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martwatches, or variations of the theme of wearable wireless connected devices, have been the dream of man-boys everywhere where since about the time Chester Gould introduced a 2-Way Wrist Radio into Dick Tracy’s comic strip life back in 1946.  One day, the future promised that we would have jetpacks, flying...


AT&T Starts Taking Galaxy Note 3 Pre-Orders


There is no current item of technology I understand less than the phablet. I mean, I get why it exists, and I get what it does. And if you’re paying for a 4G connection you might as well condense that to one item and take phone calls. But there’s no...