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Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 4 Edge at IFA 2014


Samsung unveiled a number of products at their Unpacked event at IFA 2014. Alongside the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the company also unveiled a new device with a curved display dubbed as the Galaxy Note 4 Edge. Well, it’s not similar to the Galaxy Round, but feature a...


LG G3 vs OnePlus One vs Samsung Galaxy S5 (comparison)


Most of the OEMs have already released their flagship devices for the year. At GadgetReview, we’ve already compared flagship devices, including the OnePlus One, HTC One M8, Galaxy S5 and more. Not to long ago, LG unveiled their latest flagship device, the LG G3, which goes on sale in various...


Samsung Debuts Tizen In… Russia, Of All Places


Handset makers have been worried about the dominance of Android for a while. It’s not so much the quality of the service, but rather the fact that it’s Google-centric, and they would much rather you use their services instead of Google’s. Samsung’s effort to make that work will be Tizen…...


Samsung’s NX3000 Camera Is A Worthy Successor


The Samsung NX2000 was a pretty good camera. It wasn’t a high-end DSLR, but it decidedly was a camera that transitioned users from point-and-shoots to the joys of interchangeable lenses. The NX3000 appears to be Samsung’s followup, and it also appears to inherit all the pros of its predecessor. The...

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