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Galaxy S4 Cases

15 of the Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases (list)


You might not think too much about it, but figuring out what kind of case you want for your phone is am important decision. Do you want rugged protection or do you prefer style? Maybe you want more battery life? Well whatever you want, here’s a helpful rundown on some...

Samsung S4 Active-2

Samsung Announces the S4 Active For Swimming Enthusiasts


The Samsung Galaxy S4 appears to be a solid phone, at least so far.  And by solid I mean quality wise.  Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that it will survive very long, if at all, submerged in water, or rolling around in your grandma’s dusty attic.  For those aforementioned activities you’ll need...

dual sim samsung S4

Dual-SIM Samsung S4 Emerges in China


I had no idea that Samsung had plans for a dual SIM variant of their S4.  Either that makes me incredibly remiss as a supposed tech journalist, or this info wasn’t well publicized – I’d go with the former. Dual-SIM phones are something of an obscurity here in the US,...