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switch salt and pepper dispenser

Fred & Friends’ Switch Salt and Pepper Dispenser


Why settle for ordinary salt and pepper shakers when you can have one of the most original ones out there with the Switch Salt and Pepper Dispenser from Fred & Friends ($9). Instead of having separate shakers, the Switch Salt and Pepper Dispenser puts the spices in one large shaker...

fairy pepper and salt shaker

Fairy Salt and Pepper Wands


This holiday sprinkle a bit of cheer onto your salads, pastas and appetizers with these Fairy Salt and Pepper wands.  The combo will set you back $12 and right now the retailer, Chiasso, is offering free shipping on all orders, or so it would appear. We realize that these probably...


Pinch: A Darn Cool Salt & Pepper Shaker


How many salt and pepper shakes have you gone through in your lifetime?  More often than not I get frustrated with mine, the salt sticks to the inside (rice or no rice) and I end up purchasing something else only to have it break or be uncool sometime later. So...