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Thieves Will Never Know Your Goods Are Hidden In A Book


No one really reads traditional books anymore, especially not when they can read something on their smartphone or tablet, which makes a book the perfect place to hide your prized possessions. The Real Book Safe is cleverly designed like a classic book, but will discreetly store your passports, cash, jewelry...

Kitchen Safe

Gain Some Self Control With The Kitchen Safe (video)


Having the right amount of self control can be quite difficult, which is why this Kickstarter campaign will aide in that department thanks to the Kitchen Safe that will automatically lock you out of the anything you shouldn’t have. The time lock safe puts you in charge of your self-control...


“Breaking Bad” Vent Safe is Yours for $260


Cutting a hole in your wall is generally a big no no.  Just go ask your wife or landlord and we can virtually guarantee shaking heads.  If you have none of those aforementioned responsibilities, along with a stockade of small guns, cash, and jewelry, then you’ll probably need a place to keep them...

star wars iphone safe

R2D2 Star Wars iPhone Safe


Nothing draws traffic and excitement like anything Star Wars or iPhone related.  After more than 30 years people still can’t get enough of Lucas’ creation, and while the iPhone hasn’t been around for more than 6 years, it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon, though we can’t say...


DormVault Laptop Safe Prevents College Dorm Thievery


Listen up all you college dorm dwellers.  If you’ve got a laptop and don’t want your roommate messing with it, spilling beer on it or losing it to the five finger discounter while you’re in class then you probably wanna check out the DormVault Laptop Safe.  Crafted of ‘rugged steel’,...


A Really Unusual Safe, The Band Safe


More gimmick then utilitarian, unless you wanna annoy the crap out of the burglar, the Band Safe is a puzzle. It works by placing an object in the center largest compartment from the bottom. To move the object to another drawer line up the arrows and tilt accordingly. So the...