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Neodymium Magnets Make The Best Shop-Vacs


When you work in metal, one of your biggest problems is metal shavings. And I don’t mean that they’re annoying to clean, although they are. I mean that they’re a serious health hazard. If you inhale metal shavings, they can cause internal bleeding and a whole host of terrifying reactions....

ManHole Cover Blows

Manhole Cover Blows, Flips SUV into the Air (video)


[GR]LmWVnf5tdWg[/GR] The above video could have only been captured in Russia, right? At first pass it looks like the SUV drives into the manhole, gets stuck and as a result flips over. ┬áBut if you watch closely, you’ll see that the manhole cover blows after the SUV drives over it,...

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