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Your New iPhones Arrive September 10th


The new iPhone is an annual event, but this year promises to be a bit more interesting in that Apple will unveil not one, but two, new phones for your delectation. But what can we expect? First up, the iPhone 5S, so called in rumor because the last few generations...


The Next iPad Will Look A Lot Like The iPad Mini


Apple’s most successful product, in the iPad line, is the iPad Mini. The second they introduced it, it exploded onto the scene and it hasn’t stopped selling since. So, perhaps less than surprisingly, Apple has decided to see what happens when they scale it up, at least if a leak...

Cheaper iPhone 5

Is This the Cheaper iPhone 5?


Apple needs a new game changer.  Their stock has taken a nose dive, and their biggest product, the iPhone, has reached a fair bit of market saturation.  Which probably best explains the iPad Mini.  It’s an alternative to the iPad, and presents the potential for incremental sales, unlike the iPhone...

Xbox World 720 Mockup

Xbox 720 Specs Have Supposedly Been Leaked (rumor)

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The deets on the next Xbox, affectionately referred to as the 720, but rumored to sport a codename of Durango, are still few and far between.  However, Xbox World, a print publication, claims to have more details on the next gen video game console, which is rumored to be announced...


StreamTV Networks to announce world’s first 2160p 3D TV?


A little birdie just let me know that on Friday at IFA Pennsylvania based StreamTV Networks might just be announcing that they are making the world’s first 2160p 3D TV nicknamed “Ultra-D”.  This little birdie also told me a bit about how StreamTV is going to work – you see,...