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Macbook Air

New Apple Macbook Airs Expected to Launch Tomorrow


Last week, there was rumor floating all over the internet that Apple will launch new Macbook Airs this week. According to a new report, Apple will launch the updated Macbook Airs as early as tomorrow. The folks at 9to5Mac mention the stock of the updated Macbook Airs have started arriving...

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7 Features You Could Expect From The iPhone 6 (list)


It’s been a few months since Apple unveiled their forward-thinking iPhone 5S, as well as the iPhone 5C, and rumors have started pouring in about the upcoming iPhone 6, expected to hit retail later this year. Last year, Apple released two new iPhones, and it seems this year’s going to...

Motorola Droid Ultra-013

Motorola Droid Ultra Review


ost after post, comparison after comparison I bear witness to readers touting the specs of one device over the other and for that reason it should be the resounding winner if the two were to fight in a duel to the death.  It’s a misnomer and one that, to put...